Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s reading this blog!  Whether you are a mother or not, you may need to prepare something impressive to take to a family Mother’s Day brunch gathering this Sunday.  Look no further!

Asparagus is the current gem of the market and an asparagus and bacon tart would be a lovely seasonal dish to serve to your mother!  This dish is easy and quick to make and yields a beautiful, savory tart that is perfect for any brunch of this season!

Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

What you will need:

  • Fresh asparagus (1 bunch)
  • Gruyere cheese (substitutions can be made if you have a different favorite – e.g., emmental, cheddar, etc) (1-2 cups grated)
  • Bacon (5-6 strips)
  • Puff pastry – any brand will do (my personal preference is Dufour due to its buttery flavor and flakiness.)
  • Egg – 1 for egg wash


  • Thaw the puff pastry in the refrigerator the morning or night before using the tart.
  • Cook bacon until crispy. Set aside to cool before breaking into small pieces.
  • Wash asparagus and remove any tough ends.  Peel the ends of the bigger pieces to ensure that any stringy, tough parts are removed.  Set aside on a towel to dry a bit.
  • Turn oven to 400F (204C)
  • Grate the cheese into a bowl.  If you are a cheese lover, feel free to add more to this dish, it’s a matter of personal preference here.  I usually use 1-2 cups of grated cheese per tart.
  • Once the tart has thawed, remove from the refrigerator and let it warm slightly for 2-3 minutes before laying on a baking sheet.  In the meantime, oil the baking sheet with a light coat of olive oil or butter to prevent the tart from sticking to the tray.
  • Score the tart with a knife about 1 inch from each edge.
    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

  • Beat an egg with 1/2 tsp of water using a fork, and paint the scored edge of the pastry tart with the egg wash.
  • layer half of the cheese and the bacon on top of the pastry.
  • Add the asparagus, alternating the tops and bottoms in each row.
    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

    If you would like to add additional or different vegetables, this is also great.  I had two pastry sheets, so to the second I added leftover greens that I sautéed with leeks from dinner the previous evening.

  • Finally, add the remaining cheese over the top of the asparagus or other vegetables.
    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

  • Place the assembled tart in the oven (middle rack) and bake for 10-15 minutes.  Check to see that the pastry is browning slightly on the edges after 10 minutes or so.  If you like it a bit darker, leave it for another 3-5 minutes (depending on how hot your oven runs).
    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

    Copyright www.diverselittleeater.com

  • Remove and serve!



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