Okinawan Surprise Package and White Miso Soup!

Okinawa Surprise Package!

One day last summer, a package arrived on our doorstep with Japanese characters. IMG_3149_box on doorstep It was an unexpected delivery, and I quickly realized that it was a surprise package from my new friend in Okinawa, Japan (see my interviewed HERE).  Though she still wishes to remain anonymous, the Japanese school teacher who so graciously allowed me to interview her about how children eat in Okinawa, sent a huge box of the Okinawan foods she described in the interview!What a treat!

I carefully laid everything out on the floor with my son and we examined what each item was. IMG_3153_Items laid out on floorEverything was well-labelled with sticky notes, indicating sweet or savory, snack or a meal, and how to enjoy it!

We ate the more perishable items during the summer.  Starting with the Okinawan donuts, which I will describe in a separate post.  The snack-like items were great for summer hikes, or after camp snacks.  It was so much fun to try everything!

I put the soups away for a cooler day.  Well, that day came last weekend.  It was a gloomy Sunday evening, my son was sick, and we all felt worn out.  It was one of those days where we stayed inside and did not leave the house.  No one wanted to cook, and we all wanted something warm.  It was at that moment that I remembered the soups from the Okinawa surprise package!

Okinawan surprise package: soup

There were three types of bagged soups in the box and a giant ramen soup package.  The bagged soups were sent in duplicate so we would have enough for the 3 of us to try together.  This package was so thoughtfully packed!  IMG_3155_bagged soups

I examined the selection and my son chose the Inamuruch, or White Miso, soup.  He is a big fan of Miso, so I suspected this would be his first choice!  IMG_8314_2 bags white miso soup

The instructions on the package were in Japanese, but the illustrations were pretty easy to follow!IMG_8316_back of bag white miso

There was a flavor packet taped to the back of the soup bag.  I wasn’t sure what was in it, but I assumed it contained the miso as well as the flavorings. IMG_8323_miso and flavor packetIMG_8326_flavor packet contents

I added the two bags of soup to a pot.IMG_8322_2 bags in pot

It looked pretty good – full of meat, bamboo, shitake mushrooms, egg, daikon radish, seaweed, and some white strips of something that I could not place (perhaps fish cake?).

After the mix came to a boil, I added the flavor packets, which made the broth cloudy.IMG_8329_soup with flavor packet added

In order to make this more of a meal, I added a package of firm organic tofu, cut into chunks, and a spoonful of fresh organic miso (to add some live cultures).IMG_8333_Soup with added tofu and miso

This soup was really good! It hit the spot!  Even though this was a bagged soup, we were able to get a good idea of what an authentic Okinawan white miso soup tastes like!  I will make this from scratch and post the recipe in the near future!  It’s a perfect soup for a cold fall evening, or a winter lunch!

A huge thank you to my Okinawan school teacher friend! IMG_8337_white miso served

Stay tuned for more posts about the Okinawan Surprise Package!

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