These energy bites can be changed to please any little (or large!) palate.  They can be made sweet with dried mango or raisins, tangy with dried cranberries or apricots, or a bit spicy with dried and candied ginger.  For a really luxurious after school snack, you can add bits of dark chocolate and dark chocolate powder with a touch of oatmeal.  Since the variations are endless, these snacks never get old.  And they satisfy hunger and an afternoon sweet craving alike.  I make mine on the nutty and chunky side, but you can blend them longer and make them smoother if that is what you or your kids would prefer.  Finally, you can make the extra appealing to kids and adults alike by individually wrapping them like candies in wax paper.


The recipe is super simple!

Add the following ingredients to your food processor:

1/3 pitted dates (preferable Medjool dates)

1/3 nuts

1/3 other dried fruit

Food processor DLE TM_IMG_7105


Blend to desired consistency in food processor.

Chopped energy balls DLE TM_IMG_7115


Shape into balls, or if you prefer bars, place in a 8×8 inch glass dish and press to the bottom.  Then cut into square or rectangles.

Energy ball plate DLE TM_IMG_7129


Wrap snacks in wax paper for transport and on the go snacks!

Wrapped energy balls DLE TM_IMG_8338

For these energy bites I used:

1/3 pitted Medjool dates

1/3 almonds and walnuts mixed

1/3 dried cranberries and a few pieces of candied ginger to spice them up.


They only take about 5-7 minutes to make start to finish!




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