Tofu! Yum!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I are currently on an elimination diet and often are quite hungry by the time lunch rolls around. Last weekend, we were ready to eat lunch, but had no proteins handy. I looked in the fridge, desperate for something quick, and pulled out a package of extra firm organic tofu. At that moment I heard moans from my husband (who thinks tofu is boring), and a mimicking “A-aa-www” from my son. Ah ha! I felt an extra motivation to make this the yummiest tofu they ever had! I looked in the fridge and pulled out some hummus that was way to garlicky for easy consumption, some garlic chili sauce (the kind with the big chili seeds), and some sweet miso paste. I whipped up a marinade for the tofu while I squished the tofu between two plates with a can on top to help squeeze out excess water. The result?

“Mmmm,” said my son.

“This is surpisingly good!! I’d eat this again!” said my husband.

Hah! Success! I served it with a big salad and everyone walked away satisfied!




Here is the recipe:


  • Extra firm tofu (1 package)
  • Sweet miso paste 1 tbsp
  • Garlicky hummus 2 tbsp
  • Chili garlic sauce 2 tsp
  • Water to mix (not much 1-2 tsp)

Preparing the tofu

Remove the tofu from the package and wash and dry it. The inside of the tofu will still contain quite a bit of water, so place the tofu on a plate with a folded towel below to absorb extra water. On top of the tofu, place another plate (upside down) and a can or jar (anything slightly heavy will do). Leave the tofu like this while you make the marinade… if you like the tofu nice and crispy it would be ideal to do this for 30 minutes, but I was in a hurry and only did it for 7-10 minutes and it was still good. Once the liquid is squeezed out of the tofu, cut it into pieces (any size you prefer). I chose rectangles because I thought they would go nicely with the salad.

Making the marinade

In a bowl combine the sweet miso, garlicky hummus, and chili garlic sauce. Add a little bit of water, just enough to make the mixture mixable (keep it thick enough to stick thickly to the tofu, or the mixing spoon). Add the tofu and gently mix to coat it, be careful not to damage the tofu with the mixing tool.

Cooking the tofu

Place the tofu pieces on a baking sheet. I used my dark sheet because it browns items very well due to the dark color. Place the oven rack in the upper third of the oven and add the baking sheet. Broil at 550oF for 5 minutes. Using tongs, turn each piece over and broil for another 5 minutes at 550oF. Obviously each oven is different, so you may need more time to crispen the tofu. If you have a small oven or one that runs hot, or if you cut the tofu into very small pieces, broil on high for only 3 minutes to start… just to avoid burning the tofu completely.



Remove the crisped tofu from the oven and add to any kind of salad you would like. I prepared a nice romaine salad, but a massaged kale salad would also be divine!

Next time I pull tofu out of the fridge I expect I’ll hear my boys say, “Tofu! YUM!”




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